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Civic hacking the Federal Register

Building an executive branch agency list using the National Archives' Federal Register API.

By Luke Fretwell · October 31, 2022

(This post is part of an ongoing series documenting adventures in father-son civic hacking.)


We built a listing of executive branch agencies and individual agency pages using the Federal Register API. This includes agency pages with:

  • Agency logo, description and website
  • Subagencies within the agency
  • Recent agency Federal Register documents


Data used for this project:


Issues we found using the API:

  • Agency logos are poor quality.
  • Agency data (about, website) is inconsistent, needs copyediting or is empty.


Big kudos to the National Archives for:

  • Maintaining a public repository of the data.


Executive agencies:

Screenshot of USA.GovFresh executive branch agency page

Example agency:

Screenshot of Department of Interior page on USA.GovFresh


Share your feedback on the USA.GovFresh repo.