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Democracy and open, accessible technology.

Luke Fretwell

Luke Fretwell is founder of GovFresh. He is the co-founder and CEO of ProudCity.

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Luke Fretwell


Roadmapping government websites

Public roadmaps are a powerful demonstration of civic openness.

Backpacks, bean bags and blue jeans: My take on ‘tech titans,’ 18F and USDS

Two semi-retired government employees still have a bone to pick with 18F and USDS.

What government can learn from Olay

Olay’s Open to Change advertising campaign is something government should take note of.

The revolution will be open source

Government software is a public good.

Coding a COVID-19 dashboard (with my 13 year-old son)

Adventures in father-son civic hacking.

Making a chief data officers playbook more accessible

And suggestions for the CDO Council.

Civic hacking for '100% .gov'

Re-imagining the government domain name registry experience.

Hello CivicFolio

A portfolio website theme for civic technologists.

Time for government to stop using Medium

A publishing platform that says it's an environment open to everyone doesn't provide equal access to all.

Government open data in 2022

Once thriving, now barely surviving. Ideas on how we can breathe more life into it.

Father-son civic hacking: Open Data Day 2022

Kickstarting USA.GovFresh, beginning with Federal Register open data.


Remembering Kev Walsh

His work in civic and government service design contributed deeply to the world we all want for our future.


Why and how I built Agile Government Leadership

AGL, which has since evolved into Technologists for the Public Good, was the testing ground for an experiment in what I now call an open civic community of practice.


Pedigree and public interest technology

The community that supports digital government services should be undeniably representative of everyone.


Review: A Civic Technologist's Practice Guide

A must-read for the entire civic spectrum.

Review: The Premonition

Michael Lewis takes on government's response to the COVID pandemic.

Review: Dignity in a Digital Age

Congressman Ro Khanna thinks different about the role of technology and democracy.

Review: Citizens

Jon Alexander and Ariane Conrad share why the hey to fixing everything is all of us.


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