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Jarah Meador

Director of Challenge.Gov + CitizenScience.Gov

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Rebecca Woodbury

Local gov content strategist

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Angie Quirarte

Civic techie, bureaucracy hacker, dot connecter


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U.S. Web Design System

A design system for the federal government.

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The Opportunity Project

Use government data to build digital tools with, by, and for the people.

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Public Sans

A font for government, by government.

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NSA Technology Transfer Program

Transfers NSA-developed technology to industry, academia and other research organizations, benefitting the economy and the Agency mission.

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NASA Technology Transfer Program

Bringing NASA technology down to earth.

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Census Open Innovation Labs

Trailblazing open government through cross-sector collaboration, design, and technology.





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December 7, 2022


Review: A Civic Technologist's Practice Guide

A must-read for the entire civic spectrum.


Joyful democracy and the virtuous civic circle

By adopting a simple public engagement framework, we can build a more inspired government, together.

Luke Fretwell

Screenshot of USA.GovFresh notifiable diseases page.

Civic hacking CDC notifiable diseases

Building a map of weekly notifiable disease cases across the United States.

Luke Fretwell

Screenshot of USA.GovFresh jobs page.

Civic hacking USAJOBS

Re-imagining federal government job openings with the USAJOBS API.

Luke Fretwell

Screenshot of USA.GovFresh GeoMarks app.

Civic hacking National Geodetic Survey survey marks

Building a survey mark finder app.

Luke Fretwell

Screenshot of Yosemite page on USA.GovFresh.

Civic hacking the National Park Service

Building a national parks directory with the NPS API.

Luke Fretwell

Screenshot of USA.GovFresh drug search page.

Civic hacking FDA's National Drug Code Directory

Building a look-up of Food and Drug Administration approved medicines.

Luke Fretwell

Screenshot of USA.GovFresh cybersecurity news page.

Civic hacking CISA cybersecurity news

Building a cybersecurity news page using the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency RSS feeds.

Luke Fretwell

Screenshot of space photo of the day page on USA.GovFresh.

Civic hacking NASA (astronomy picture of the day)

Building a space photo of the day page using NASA's astronomy picture of the day API.

Luke Fretwell

Screenshot of Department of Interior page on USA.GovFresh.

Civic hacking the Federal Register

Building an executive branch agency list using the National Archives' Federal Register API.

Luke Fretwell

Screenshot of .gov search tool.

Civic hacking .gov domains

Building a simple .gov domain search tool with CISA open data.

Luke Fretwell

Screenshot of members of U.S. House of Representatives.

Civic hacking Congress (part 1)

Building congressional pages with the new Library of Congress API.

Luke Fretwell

RSS icon

RSS government

Defaulting to an open protocol to syndicate government information makes public communications universally accessible.

Luke Fretwell

Icons of database

Government open data in 2022

Once thriving, now barely surviving. Ideas on how we can breathe more life into it.

Luke Fretwell

Screenshot of .gov search tool.

Civic hacking for '100% .gov'

Re-imagining the government domain name registry experience.

Luke Fretwell

Icons of database

Making a chief data officers playbook more accessible

And suggestions for the CDO Council.

Luke Fretwell

Picture of SARS-CoV-2

Coding a COVID-19 dashboard (with my 13 year-old son)

Adventures in father-son civic hacking.

Luke Fretwell

Olay Regenerist beauty product held by a Black woman in her left hand as she leans on her elbow. The lid is openable with one hand and the model with a limb difference smiles at the camera.

What government can learn from Olay

Olay’s Open to Change advertising campaign is something government should take note of.

Luke Fretwell


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