Why the Key to Fixing Everything Is All of Us

Cover of 'Citizens'

By Jon Alexander, Ariane Conrad

From the publisher:

What are we doing to ourselves when we tell ourselves we’re Consumers 3000 times a day?

What would it look like to put the same creativity and energy into involving people as Citizens?

What would you do in this time, if you truly believed in yourself and those around you?

Jon Alexander spent the first decade of his career in the advertising industry, selling some of the world’s biggest brands. Then he realised he was caught up in a story he didn’t believe in – the Consumer Story.

Here, with New York Times bestselling writer Ariane Conrad, he shows us what we need to do to step into a bigger idea of ourselves: as collaborative, caring, creative Citizens who can shape our communities, organisations, and nations for the better.

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Cover of 'Citizens'

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