Working in Public

Nadia Eghbal

Recoding America

Jennifer Pahlka

Cover of 'Proudly Serving: Public service in the digital age'

Proudly Serving

Rebecca Woodbury, Marlena Medford, Luke Fretwell

Cover of 'Citizenville'


Gavin Newsom

Direct message

Headshot of Ryan Wold

Ryan Wold

Public servant

Headshot of Jarah Meador

Jarah Meador

Director of Challenge.Gov + CitizenScience.Gov

Headshot of Rebecca Woodbury

Rebecca Woodbury

Local gov content strategist

Victor Sauceda headshot

Victor Sauceda

CEO, founder, justice reform advocate, community leader, change agent

Marlena Medford

Marlena Medford

Civic tech evangelizer. Storyteller. Diversity seeker.

Joe DiStefano

Joe DiStefano

Resiliency planner, startup founder, SimCity aficionado

Carla Briceno

Carla Briceno

CEO and co-founder, Bixal

Angie Quirarte

Angie Quirarte

Civic techie, bureaucracy hacker, dot connecter




Chief data officers playbook

A web version of the official U.S. government CDO playbook.


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December 7, 2022

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White House wants your input on open source software security

A 'civic opportunity to help shape the government’s thinking about open-source software security.'

August 18, 2023


Review: Dignity in a Digital Age

Congressman Ro Khanna thinks different about the role of technology and democracy.

Review: A Civic Technologist's Practice Guide

A must-read for the entire civic spectrum.


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Civic hacking

The soul and grassroots foundation of democracy.

Luke Fretwell

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Open civic organizations

How government agencies, academia, nonprofit organizations and public sector vendors can build open, participatory models of operating.

Luke Fretwell

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Government README

A simple practice can help give clarity to public sector projects and services, and how those impacted can engage with them.

Luke Fretwell

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RSS government

Defaulting to an open protocol to syndicate government information makes public communications universally accessible.

Luke Fretwell

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Pedigree and public interest technology

The community that supports digital government services should be undeniably representative of everyone.

Luke Fretwell


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