Cover of 'Citizenville'


Gavin Newsom

Digital Transformation at Scale

Andrew Greenway, Ben Terrett, Mike Bracken, Tom Loosemore

Cover of 'Proudly Serving: Public service in the digital age'

Proudly Serving

Rebecca Woodbury, Marlena Medford, Luke Fretwell

Revolution 2.0

Wael Ghonim


Andy Greenberg

The Perfect Weapon

David E. Sanger

Working in Public

Nadia Eghbal

Direct message

Angie Quirarte

Angie Quirarte

Civic techie, bureaucracy hacker, dot connecter

Carla Briceno

Carla Briceno

CEO and co-founder, Bixal

Joe DiStefano

Joe DiStefano

Resiliency planner, startup founder, SimCity aficionado

Marlena Medford

Marlena Medford

Civic tech evangelizer. Storyteller. Diversity seeker.

Victor Sauceda headshot

Victor Sauceda

CEO, founder, justice reform advocate, community leader, change agent


COIL logo

Census Open Innovation Labs

Trailblazing open government through cross-sector collaboration, design, and technology.

Technology Transfer Program logo

NASA Technology Transfer Program

Bringing NASA technology down to earth.

NSA logo

NSA Technology Transfer Program

Transfers NSA-developed technology to industry, academia and other research organizations, benefitting the economy and the Agency mission.

Public Sans

Public Sans

A font for government, by government.

TOP logo

The Opportunity Project

Use government data to build digital tools with, by, and for the people.

U.S. Web Design System logo

U.S. Web Design System

A design system for the federal government.


Chief data officers playbook

A web version of the official U.S. government CDO playbook.





Review: A Civic Technologist's Practice Guide

A must-read for the entire civic spectrum.

Review: Dignity in a Digital Age

Congressman Ro Khanna thinks different about the role of technology and democracy.


Picture of SARS-CoV-2

Coding a COVID-19 dashboard (with my 13 year-old son)

Adventures in father-son civic hacking.

Luke Fretwell · January 11, 2022

Icons of database

Making a chief data officers playbook more accessible

And suggestions for the CDO Council.

Luke Fretwell · January 14, 2022

Screenshot of .gov search tool.

Civic hacking for '100% .gov'

Re-imagining the government domain name registry experience.

Luke Fretwell · January 21, 2022

White Medium logo on a black background

Time for government to stop using Medium

A publishing platform that says it's an environment open to everyone doesn't provide equal access to all.

Luke Fretwell · February 17, 2022

Icons of database

Father-son civic hacking: Open Data Day 2022

Kickstarting USA.GovFresh, beginning with Federal Register open data.

Luke Fretwell · March 10, 2022

Icon of the state of California

How California gets a return on its $25 million innovation investment

Time for Alpha 2.0.

Luke Fretwell · March 21, 2022

Lincoln Memorial at night with car lights

A meta tag on USAJOBS posts could substantially increase the visibility of federal government job opportunities

One simple piece of code to the U.S. government's employment website could go a long way in increasing social media reach.

Luke Fretwell · July 1, 2022

Lincoln Memorial at night with car lights

Why and how I built Agile Government Leadership

AGL, which has since evolved into Technologists for the Public Good, was the testing ground for an experiment in what I now call an open civic community of practice.

Luke Fretwell · July 28, 2022

Statue of John Harvard, Harvard University

Pedigree and public interest technology

The community that supports digital government services should be undeniably representative of everyone.

Luke Fretwell · August 16, 2022

RSS icon

RSS government

Defaulting to an open protocol to syndicate government information makes public communications universally accessible.

Luke Fretwell · October 18, 2022

Screenshot of members of U.S. House of Representatives.

Civic hacking Congress (part 1)

Building congressional pages with the new Library of Congress API.

Luke Fretwell · October 26, 2022

Screenshot of .gov search tool.

Civic hacking .gov domains

Building a simple .gov domain search tool with CISA open data.

Luke Fretwell · October 29, 2022

Screenshot of Department of Interior page on USA.GovFresh.

Civic hacking the Federal Register

Building an executive branch agency list using the National Archives' Federal Register API.

Luke Fretwell · October 31, 2022

Screenshot of space photo of the day page on USA.GovFresh.

Civic hacking NASA (astronomy picture of the day)

Building a space photo of the day page using NASA's astronomy picture of the day API.

Luke Fretwell · November 3, 2022


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