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Headshot of Ryan Wold

Ryan Wold

Public servant

Headshot of Jarah Meador

Jarah Meador

Director of Challenge.Gov + CitizenScience.Gov

Headshot of Rebecca Woodbury

Rebecca Woodbury

Local gov content strategist

Victor Sauceda headshot

Victor Sauceda

CEO, founder, justice reform advocate, community leader, change agent

Marlena Medford

Marlena Medford

Civic tech evangelizer. Storyteller. Diversity seeker.

Joe DiStefano

Joe DiStefano

Resiliency planner, startup founder, SimCity aficionado

Carla Briceno

Carla Briceno

CEO and co-founder, Bixal

Angie Quirarte

Angie Quirarte

Civic techie, bureaucracy hacker, dot connecter


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Open government

Research on open government.

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Government and open source software

Research on government and open source software.

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Government and open source software security

Research on government and open source software and security.

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Government and open innovation

Research on government and open innovation.

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Government and data

Research on government and data.


Working in Public

The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software

Recoding America

Why Government is Failing in the Digital Age and How We Can Do Better

Cover of 'Proudly Serving: Public service in the digital age'

Proudly Serving

Public service in the digital age

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The Community Approach to Engineering Documentation

Dignity in a Digital Age

Making Tech Work for All of Us

Cover of 'Citizenville'


How to Take the Town Square Digital and Reinvent Government


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