SFOpen 2011: Leland Yee

San Francisco mayoral candidate Leland Yee discusses his ideas on open government and Government 2.0.

By GovFresh · June 8, 2011

As part of SFOpen 2011, we’re featuring the San Francisco mayoral candidates and their thoughts and ideas on open government and Government 2.0. We’re interviewing each of them and have asked them to commit to the Open Government Pledge for San Francisco.

Meet Leland Yee.

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Open government statement

"Dubbed “Senator Sunshine” by California Aware, Senator Yee is a staunch advocate for government transparency. His legislation includes; the Higher Education Accountability Act , whistleblower and student speech protections; requirements for UC and CSU auxiliaries/foundations to adhere to the public records act; open court filings, and strengthening of the Brown Act. He has been awarded the Freedom of Information Award from the California Newspaper Publishers Association, Beacon Award by the First Amendment Coalition, Freedom of Information Award by the Northern California Society of Professional Journalists, Sunshine Award by the San Diego Society of Professional Journalists."

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