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FAA seeks chief data officer

The Federal Aviation Administration is looking for a chief data officer. Salary is $124,900 to $175,700. Application deadline is July 12.

By GovFresh · June 14, 2016

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The Federal Aviation Administration is looking for a chief data officer.

From the listing:

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) supervises a high level staff comprised of chief scientific advisors for software integration, engineers, and risk management officers and provides executive direction and high level leadership to the FAA with responsibility for oversight of the work related to strategically managing and exploiting the information assets of the agency and the integration of that information into the National Airspace System. Develops and delivers business and strategic plans for enterprise-level data initiatives, analyzes integration progress, engages in industry and research activities, and maintains liaison with internal and external stakeholders. The CDO focuses on the opportunities, threats, capabilities and gaps related to managing information as a strategic asset and potentially a liability. The position encompasses an offensive and defensive posture: the CDO must create value by unlocking and sharing data and information in ways that will spur innovation inside and outside the agency, and must manage risk inherent in massive and fast-changing data resources through effective governance. The CDO is an innovator who explores new ideas, creates new offerings, and brings transformative initiatives to internal and external stakeholders. This position requires initiative, exercise of independent judgment, and considerable diplomacy, in a wide variety of situations. The CDO is responsible for leading and coordinating activities with other applicable components of the FAA. To do so, he or she works in concert with the Associate Administrator for Nextgen, the Air Traffic Organization’s Chief Operating Officer, and the Office of Finance and Management’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). The CDO continually interacts with other high level executives both inside and outside of the FAA and the Federal government. These include key officials of the FAA lines of business and staff offices, directors of research centers, high level representatives of other Executive Branch agencies, members of Congress, and members of Congressional staffs. The incumbent also represents the agency internationally at forums to advance the FAA’s goals in the area of Information Management.

Salary is $124,900 to $175,700. Application deadline is July 12.