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How government can bring mindfulness to law enforcement

The Government We Need talks with Mindful Badge's Richard Goerling about mindful policing. Note: This is an episode of The Government We Need, what is now The GovFresh Podcast.

Season 1 / Episode 8 / December 20, 2021

Richard Goerling

Richard Goerling

In this episode

With police violence in the news, and public scrutiny on the rise, law enforcement is turning to mindfulness to help officers deal with the stress that comes with the work. They are introducing new tools and techniques to help officers better engage with the communities they have sworn an oath to protect.

Policing is an incredibly stressful occupation – physically and psychologically. First responders and law enforcement are faced with traumatic events daily, and many don’t have the coping mechanisms to deal with the build-up of trauma, anger, sadness and stress officers carry with them on and off-duty.

Police Lt. Richard Goerling is a pioneer and champion of mindful based stress reduction practices for law enforcement officers. He is the founder of Mindful Badge, a consultancy that works with first responders on mental resilience.

Richard talks with The Government We Need about how law enforcement officers can be more mindful so that they can serve and protect, not just their communities, but also themselves.