Father-son civic hacking: Open Data Day 2022

Kickstarting USA.GovFresh, beginning with Federal Register open data.

Luke Fretwell By Luke Fretwell · March 10, 2022

For Open Data Day 2022, my son and I set up USA.GovFresh.

We started with a government section that displays all of the U.S. federal agencies, pulling data from the Federal Register agency API.

The main government page displays all top-level agencies and other independent organizations maintained by the federal government.

Each agency profile page (example USDA) contains:

  • organization name (and shortname)
  • organization logo
  • short description
  • website link
  • parent agency link (if any)
  • list of the subagencies (if any)
  • latest published Federal Register documents

While playing with the data, it would be great to see National Archives and the Federal Register update the agency logos and standardize the descriptions. Many images are missing or of poor quality, and the agency descriptions could be better scripted.

Going forward, we’ll use USA.GovFresh as a place to build together and learn about government in the context of coding and public data.

If you have ideas for us, add them to the GitHub issues queue.

Visit USA.GovFresh.

Luke Fretwell is the founder of GovFresh and co-founder and CEO of ProudCity.


This work by GovFresh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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