Hello CivicFolio

A portfolio website theme for civic technologists.

By Luke Fretwell · February 3, 2022

Say hello to CivicFolio, a portfolio website theme for civic technologists.

The genesis of this project came from a series of conversations Chizobam Nwagwu and I had about how folks at the beginning of their careers can create an online presence for themselves within the context of civic technology.

Over the course of the past few months – with feedback from Chizo – I built out a prototype that would start to address this. While it’s not perfect – and never will be – it’s hopefully a foundation that helps folks get started.

CivicFolio aims to help civic-interested designers and technologists build their portfolio websites while learning (by doing) the basic principles of civic technology:

  • Working in public
  • Building inclusive, accessible websites
  • Using open, collaborative tools and technologies

CivicFolio uses the U.S. Web Design System and Public Sans for the front-end and Jekyll and GitHub Pages for content management and hosting. There’s documentation and, if needed, we’ll provide support as be as we can.

As a point of reference, my personal website is now powered by CivicFolio.

Takeaways from Chizo:

“I really enjoyed the process of learning how to use GitHub for project management. It was actually really interesting learning about and applying best practices for setting up parameters for people to engage with your open source project (i.e., designing contributing guides or issue/pull request templates).”

Visit the demo web and the project repository.

Luke Fretwell is founder of GovFresh. He is the co-founder and CEO of ProudCity.


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