Jeffrey Levy

‘Open Gov the Movie’

Open Gov the Movie is a 14-minute compilation of interviews with prominent open gov advocates, including U.S. Deputy CTO Beth Noveck, Sunlight Foundation’s Jake Brewer, City of Manor’s Dustin Haisler, Tim O’Reilly, EPA’s Jeffrey Levy, Deloitte’s Steve Lunceford and National Academy of Public Administration’s Lena Trudeau. The film was created by Delib.

Gov 2.0 Hero: Jeffrey Levy

Gov 2.0 Hero: Jeffrey Levy

What was your path to Gov 2.0?

I started doing Web 1.0 at EPA in 1994, and I’ve been working with great people ever since, both at EPA and not. As the new tools came along, it was a natural progression. Much of Web 2.0 meshes very well with our broad mission, after all. More specifically, I first did Web 2.0 when my team was tapped to help then-Deputy Administrator publish his blog a couple of years ago.

What area of government offers the biggest opportunity for improvement via Web 2.0 tools?

Policy making. I see no other area that will reap as many benefits as hearing from a much wider group of people.

What’s the killer app that will make Gov 2.0 the norm instead of the exception? my personal account that shows me a dashboard on login with renewal alerts for my driver’s license, passport and other repeating government needs; my local weather; major announcements from whatever government agencies interest me; a button to enter online chat and get help with whatever government issue I need (regardless of state, local or federal); and other boxes that allow me to customize whatever other info I might want.

What part of Gov 2.0 most excites you?

Watching people get energized and participating, as they realize the government really is listening.

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