With Screendoor, DOBT makes simple web forms key to better government

After Adam Becker and Clay Johnson completed their stints as White House Presidential Innovation Fellows working together on Project RFP-EZ, they were inspired to scale IT simplicity so that governments everywhere would no longer have to deal with traditional mediocre software solutions most legacy vendors provide.

Best of GovFreshTV in 2009

GovFreshTV interviewed many of the leading figures in the open government, Gov 2.0 movement in 2009. It’s an incredible list of thinkers shaping the future of government.

I’m honored to have met and talked with each of them about the work they’re doing.

Here’s a review.

Sunlight Labs’ Clay Johnson talks open gov at OSCON 09

Clay Johnson, Director of Sunlight Labs, talks open gov, “Apps for America,” and calls on developers to become active in their country at OSCON 09.


“What we believe is that open source plus open data equals better government. And my job is to find opportunities for developers, open source developers, to change their country. Nothing less.”