Bev Godwin brings citizens, government together for civic solutions

The General Services Administration has launched as part of an effort to help “government and the public work together to find solutions.” Citizens can vote to support a challenge, contribute to a discussion board and federal agencies can post their own challenges to the site. According to the Website, “this platform is the latest milestone in the Administration’s commitment to use prizes and challenges to promote innovation.” is powered by New York-based start-up ChallengePost. You can follow @ChallengeGov on Twitter. See also GovLoop’s in-depth interview with GSA’s Director of Center for New Media and Citizen Engagement Bev Godwin about the new site.

Godwin announces launch of at Gov 2.0 Summit:

Video overview of and how to post a challenge:

White House ‘Connect with your government online’ video

Just found this White House Blog post (Your Government: Open for Business in New Ways and New Places) and video from Bev Godwin (@BevUSA), White House New Media Director of Online Resources & Interagency Development.

The video, featuring Macon Phillips, White House New Media Director, highlights how government is using new media as a resource for citizens.

From the post:

So, look for opportunities to jump in and connect with your government — at our websites and blogs, through videos and photos, in social networks, through widgets, podcasts, and more. Abraham Lincoln knew what he was talking about. This is government of the people, by the people, for the people.

View, comment, rate, participate, and share. The government is paying attention, even as we continue to learn ourselves. The more people engage, the more meaningful all of this becomes, and the more progress we can make.