Gov 2.0 Hero: Andrea Baker

Gov 2.0 Hero Andrea Baker, Director of Enterprise 2.0 Navstar-Inc.

What was your path to Gov 2.0?

I think I was always destined to be a part of Government 2.0. I joined the U.S. Army straight out of high school and wanted to become a linguist, which I did. In addition to learning Arabic, I became a Signals Intelligence Analyst. I would stay at work long after my shift was over to find a way to better pass along the information to the next person on shift and back stateside. I created one of the first robust Military Analytical websites on Intelink. It was probably transparency before such a thing was called that. I am happy to say the site still exists, but has expanded and improved with the times. After leaving the Army to become a contractor supporting the U.S. Federal Government I have spent my career taking transforming my contracts into transparent and open environments.

Gov 2.0 Radio: Gov 2.0 Camp & Citizen 2.0

Free-wheeling Government 2.0 discussion with hosts Steve Ressler and Adriel Hampton, guest host Ari Herzog, guests Alan W. Silberberg (, Steve Radick (BAH social media lead), Andrea Baker of Navstar and Maxine Teller of MiXT Media Strategies live from SXSW, Jeffrey Levy and Marilyn Clark from the Federal Web Manager’s Council and Social Media Subcouncil, and social media expert Michael J Russell.