NIC wins oregon.gov contract, now manages half of U.S. state websites

NIC Inc. announced Tuesday it was awarded a 10-year contract to develop and maintain Oregon’s official website. The company, which will manage oregon.gov under a self-funded model requiring no public funding, now operates 25 state websites.

According to NIC, the company will focus on “expanding the library of online services for Oregon businesses and citizens, as well as enhancing the transparency, accessibility, and overall eGovernment experience in the state.”

From the press release:

The agreements require an investment by the Company to transition the state’s current payment processing system, as well as to rebuild and migrate hundreds of existing state agency websites and web applications from legacy systems during the first year. While the Company currently expects to begin generating revenues from the Oregon portal by the second half of 2012, it does not expect revenues to exceed the cost of portal revenues for the full 2012 fiscal year, as start-up costs are expected to be more dilutive to earnings than in other recent state portal engagements.

In September, NIC announced it was awarded the contract to maintain Delaware’s official website, delaware.gov.