Photo: USDA

Help get USDA to lead with APIs when it comes to America’s parks

As part of this work I’m always on the look out for valuable public assets across city, state and federal government, and help make sure the conversations around these assets always include application programming interfaces, so that we aren’t just building web and mobile applications in silos, and limiting the potential for public access by individuals and small businesses.

USDA, social media and collaboration

“Using Gov 2.0 to Enable Better Engagement and Reduce Burden on Farmers” video interview with a U.S. Department of Agriculture representative from the Microsoft Public Sector CIO Summit 2009.

He discusses how the agency is trying to get a consensus on what Gov 2.0 is, citizen engagement, the importance of broadband in connecting with farmers, how they collaborate (teleconferences, face-to-face meetings, CoLab) and USDA’s approach to social media usage, from individual teams to the agency-level, especially Twitter and Facebook.