Why should I get a .gov?

Answered by Luke Fretwell

Because all government websites in America should end with ‘.gov’. U.S. flag icon Classical building icon Desktop computer icon

And by all, we mean …

Every. Single. Government. Website. 100 points icon

Do you have an official government website that isn’t a .gov? Eyes icon

If not, we know what you’re thinking. Thinking face icon

“We don’t need a .gov.” Face with raised eyebrow icon

“It’s too much work.” (nope)

“It’s too technical.” (if tiny towns can do it …) Nerd face icon

“It costs too much.” (it’s FREE) Backhand index pointing right icon FREE icon

Hear us out. Ear icon

Increasingly, there’s all this cybersecurity nonsense going on that the average person can’t make sense of. Locked icon Person shrugging icon

Phishing, ransomware, viruses, fake news. Fishing pole icon Microbe icon

Nobody has time for that. No entry icon Timer clock icon

People are confused as Hell .

.gov is government’s first line of defense in cutting through all the security noise. Flexed biceps icon

.gov verifies you’re legit, because only official government entities can get a .gov. Classical building icon Check mark icon

We need all governments – local and national – to show we’re united and not messing around anymore when it comes to keeping Americans safe online. U.S. flag icon Locked icon

If every government website in America was .gov, the general public would know:

“I’m on a government website. I trust this. They’ve got my back. I’m good to go.” U.S. flag icon Heart hands icon

We know what you’re thinking:

“This totally makes sense. We’re going .gov ASAP. What do we do now?” Thinking face icon

Here’s the .gov 411. Details icon

The DotGov program is the service U.S. government entities use to get and manage their .gov domains. Cursor icon

This includes:

Federal, state, local, territorial governments or other publicly controlled entities.

Tribal governments recognized by the U.S. government (federal or state).

DotGov is managed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (AKA CISA). U.S. flag icon Locked icon

And you know if they’re in charge, they’re not messing around.

Does your government website need a .gov ASAP? Eyes icon

If yes, show your community you’re .gov united, and that you’re not messing around. Collision icon

Get your .gov today. U.S. flag icon Classical building icon Desktop computer icon


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