Policy hackathon in SF to address U.S., European city challenges

Photo: Code for America
Photo: Code for America

A policy hackathon will be held in San Francisco on September 24 to “tackle problems brought by cities from the U.S. and Europe.” The event is part of Startup Europe Comes to Silicon Valley.

Details below:

What: Policy Hackathon addressing challenges brought by cities

Who: Government leaders, including from Spain, Italy and Norway, bring real challenges.  Policy hackers will include entrepreneurs from Europe and the United States, investors, policy makers, and academics.

When: Tuesday afternoon, September 24, followed by a reception and light dinner.

Where: Headquarters of Mind the Bridge, 450 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA

Roles: government representatives with a specific challenge to be hacked; policy hackers to develop and present possible responses to the challenge; judges to determine the best response.

The Policy Hack brings together experts from across the startup ecosystem to design solutions to policy challenges faced by local governments and is part of Startup Europe Comes to Silicon Valley

Several teams composed by entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, academics, and policy makers will be discussing challenges in these areas.

After a couple of hours of brainstorming (“hacking”) within each team, the solutions are then pitched to a panel of judges, who select the most convincing one.

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