District Match lets mission-driven organizations match addresses to elected officials in bulk

Image via District Match
Image via District Match

Azavea Product Specialist Patrick Han and Product Manager Stephanie Thome share how Cicero’s District Match app makes it easy for nonprofits to mobilize their constituents to contact their elected officials.

Give us the 140-character elevator pitch.

The District Match web app lets you upload spreadsheets of addresses and match them to elected officials and legislative districts in bulk.

What problem does District Match solve?

Finding information for the right elected officials is surprisingly hard, especially when you need to do it for hundreds or thousands of addresses. Manually matching your spreadsheet of constituents to their legislative districts and elected official contact information at the state, local, and federal level can take days and even weeks.

District Match automates bulk address-to-district matching in minutes instead of days. The web app also pulls from our extensive database of elected official information, which includes office addresses, emails, phone numbers, and even over 12 social media accounts per official.

With this spreadsheet of elected official and district data, you can now target outreach campaigns to the right lawmakers to scale your advocacy efforts.

What’s the story behind District Match?

Our database started as a project for a small nonprofit in Philadelphia that wanted to help its members reach their elected officials. Since then, we’ve been expanding our coverage and developing solutions for nonprofits to more easily advance their missions.

What are its key features?

District Match draws on the Cicero database, which covers legislative district and elected official data at the local, state, and federal level. Our team of data analysts and research specialists update the database daily to capture the latest election results and elected officials’ contact information. Currently, we cover 9 countries and more than 150 of the largest local municipalities and counties in the US. Here’s a link to our full data availability.

Unlike other district matching services, we match based on address-level data rather than ZIP code, which can be inaccurate given that many ZIP codes include multiple legislative districts.

The app is simple. Simply:

  1. Upload your spreadsheet of addresses.
  2. Select districts and elected officials.
  3. Receive your spreadsheet back, with each address stamped with the data you chose.

What are the costs, pricing plans?

In order to support individuals, nonprofits, and advocacy organizations with dwindling budgets, we’ve made District Match as inexpensive as possible. Pricing is based on the number of addresses matched, and the data chosen. Projects start at $25. You can use our pricing calculator to check out an estimate here: bit.ly/DMpricing

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