The seeds of a federal government software-as-as-service digital platform?

Photo: White House

Photo: White House

With the release of a new identity management platform, 18F is slowly culling together all the requisite pieces for an easy-to-deploy, cloud-based federal government web management platform.

These include:

  • (“A platform by government developers, for government developers.”)
  • (“Improving access to government services through a shared authentication platform”)
  • Federalist (“Federalist is a unified interface for publishing static government websites.”)

These components, coupled with the U.S. Web Standards that will allow for a common look and feel front-end theme and templates, the Digital Analytics Program for metrics, its work on security and HTTPS, the General Service Administration (via 18F) is on its way to becoming a full-scale software-as-a-service platform that makes it easy for agencies to launch and maintain web services in-house.


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