GOV.UK refreshes digital services strategy, goals

GOV.UK (Photo: <a href="">Roo Reynolds</a>)
GOV.UK (Photo: Roo Reynolds)

In a series of blog posts, the UK Government Digital Service team has announced a new post-migration roadmap that includes updates to its go-forward strategy, team structure and key goals for 2015-2016.

“Now that everything is in one place and hundreds of legacy government domains have been redirected to GOV.UK, we have the full data to be able to understand what’s required to run and support GOV.UK to meet the needs of the millions of users, thousands of publishers and hundreds of service managers across government who rely on our platform every week,” writes GOV.UK Director James Thornett.

As part of the changes, three product teams will focus on core publishing tools and formats, custom and complex formats and search, navigation and taxonomies (see also content team updates from March).

According to Thornett, GDS manages 800 user contacts per day, double the amount received in the first three months of the site’s launch, with a 97% resolution rate within five working days.

Here are the 2015-2016 goals:

  1. Join up support and production
  2. Measure and improve performance levels
  3. Really design with data
  4. Make it easier for users to find things
  5. Reform GOV.UK’s technical architecture
  6. Iterate the most minimal, least viable products

Hard to believe, but the beta version of GOV.UK launched in 2012. So much has been accomplished organizationally there, and in a short period of time GDS has had a huge impact on the global government digital service movement.

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