How federal agencies can use a little funk to get moving on citizen engagement

(Photo: Official White House/Chuck Kennedy)
(Photo: Official White House/Chuck Kennedy)

The most brilliant viral video of the week is of First Lady Michelle Obama dancing to “Uptown Funk” to promote the fifth anniversary of her childhood obesity “Let’s Move” campaign, and it’s a great opportunity for federal agencies to both support this initiative and promote engagement around their respective citizen services.

While agencies may not get the viral traction FLOTUS does, here’s how you can leverage this immediate opportunity to promote your services and put a a human face on government:

  • Video your version of “Uptown Funk.” Ellen and FLOTUS show you how it’s done here.
  • Post the video to YouTube.
  • Highlight and include call to action links to the most important services your agency provides.
  • Post within the next week to leverage momentum.

Ideas for specific agencies:

I could go on, but you federal government social media managers get the point.

While unconventional, it’s a great opportunity to show personality as well as tap into the power of pop culture and video to highlight your civic relevance.

If you think I’m crazy, ask NASA.

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