Seven reasons why you should apply for this federal government innovation fellowship

Photo: CFPB / Justin James
Photo: CFPB / Justin James

If you’re interested in working for the federal government with an agency that doesn’t have the institutional legacy of entrenched bureaucracy and truly gets design and open source innovation, and has a direct impact on American consumers, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has just the opportunity for you.

CFPB is looking for the best and brightest designers, developers and security and data experts for its 2015 class of technology and innovation fellows.

Here are seven reasons why you should apply:

  1. CFPB openly supports a distributed work environment for its fellows. After an initial onsite immersion, fellows can work from wherever they please (but still get to visit DC once a quarter).
  2. It’s a two-year program, which means you have enough time to have a sustainable impact.
  3. You’re required to use the latest open source technologies, such as GitHub and WordPress, because they actually use these on a day-to-day basis.
  4. They are committed to open source and even have an established policy for that.
  5. This line in the FAQs: “If you like to learn new tools and technologies and pick them up very easily, we want to hear from you.”
  6. Their approach to design is probably better than anyone else in the federal government and they actually have a design manual that every agency should mimic (related: this “Design at CFPB” video).
  7. Mike Byrne works there!

Application deadline is July 14. Apply here.

For bonus points, view source on this page.

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