Seven habits of a highly effective FCC

Federal Communications CommissionFederal Communications Commission Chief Information Officer David Bray has outlined a new technology modernization strategy that includes teleworking, cloud-based collaborations, access to open data, an “open source by default” policy and more transparency into agency operations.

Bray highlighted seven areas of focus on the FCC blog:

  • Improve Secure Employee Telework & Mobility
  • Secure Internal & External Collaborations
  • Strengthen FCC’s IT Security Posture
  • Transform Access to FCC Enterprise Data
  • Modernize Legacy Systems & Tracking
  • Improve & Complaint Reform
  • Increase Transparency & System Usability

“Like an iceberg where a majority of the ice is hidden underwater, modernizing manual, human-intensive processes at the FCC will reduce legacy ‘sunk costs’ at the Commission,” writes Bray. “The result will be a more agile, responsive, IT-enabled FCC enterprise able to work faster and float ‘above water’. Our workforce will be more effective, efficient in their time and energy, and better able to deliver the highest quality public service to the U.S. public and FCC partners.”

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