NASA re-launches open innovation efforts

Photo: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)
Photo: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

NASA Deputy Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer for Information Technology Deborah Diaz introduced a new open innovation team via a rebooted

Diaz said NASA’s Innovation and Technology Division will focus on four areas: innovation and digital services; data management and services; enterprise architecture; and emerging technology.

The agency will release NASA’s Open Government Plan Version 3.0 “in the next few weeks,” Diaz said.

In February, former open innovation lead Nick Skytland penned what appeared to be the end of NASA’s efforts on this front, which began in 2007.

“The first chapter of this experiment concluded in 2013, but we hope that the principles of Open Government we held dear continue to live on at NASA and within the federal government for many more years to come,” wrote Skytland.

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