FreshWrap: Advice to civic hackers, open data field guide, paint your city

There were a ton of great civic stories this week. I used to do a weekly “FreshWrap” highlighting these, and I’ll try do this regularly when I can, so here’s the first attempt back.

Here’s what made my radar this week.

Commentary on Knight’s open government challenge includes civic hacking advice from TechPresident Managing Editor Nick Judd and a reply from Philadelphia Chief Data Officer Mark Headd and Upworthy senior engineer Ryan Resella. See also what Global Integrity says the challenge tells us about open government.

Didn’t know Nick Grossman was activist in residence at Fred Wilson’s Union Square Ventures, but here’s a great talk on peer progress and regulations 2.0. Will more VCs follow suit?

Socrata releases an “Open Data Field Guide.”

The Guardian Data Blog and Google are hosting a open government data visualization challenge.

Greece gets a CKAN-powered open data platform.

Does big data open government and foster innovation?

Open Banking Project aims to bring financial transparency to organizations.

Interested in speaking at the 2013 National Association of Government Webmasters National Conference?

Atlantic Cities profiles Derek Eder‘s work: Chicago’s Secrets, Revealed Through User-Friendly Apps

For the designers out there, Brand New links up to a microsite on New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual.

Take back your city with paint:

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