How the UK is raising the open government bar and setting a new standard


I’ve been collecting links (below) from the UK’s Government Digital Service blog for a while wondering when they’ll stop executing their great “beta” work on GOV.UK, but they continue to outdo themselves.

As Simon Dickson writes, “Betagov not afraid of public commitment.” See also Alex Howard’s “With GOV.UK, British government redefines the online government platform.”

Many will appreciate UK ICT Futures Programme Director Liam Maxwell’s quote in the Guardian:

“For years we spent on IT systems built for bureaucrats, they were not built for people.”

Here, Maxwell outlines the role of IT in open and efficient government:


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2 Responses

  1. John K

    When are people going to stop conflating ‘open data’ and government use of ‘open source’ with ‘open government’?  Open Government is far more than ‘transparency’ – it involves citizen engagement and participation in policy making, amongst other things.  Stop perpetuating this corruption of the English language, please.

  2. Great post. First good link I found about other governments since I started collecting info for my city’s open government initiatives. I love this site’s design too. I’d love this set up, the fonts look nice too.


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