SFOpen 2011: John Avalos

John AvalosAs part of SFOpen 2011, we’re featuring the San Francisco mayoral candidates and their thoughts and ideas on open government and Government 2.0. We’re interviewing each of them and have asked them to commit to the Open Government Pledge for San Francisco.
Meet John Avalos.

Meet John Avalos.

Committed to the Open Government Pledge for San Francisco?


Open government statement

“Government only works when the people it is designed to serve not only have faith in it, but are moved to participate in it. As Mayor of San Francisco, I will ensure that the city deeply embraces and vigorously enforces open government, anti-corruption, and ethics laws. At its best, government both speaks and listens to its people. Technology, including open source technology, allows us to leverage new forms of communication in exciting new ways and can expand the conversation to include all San Franciscans. It is the responsibility of government, and also of open government activists, to continue the work of bridging the digital divide and ensure that new technologies are accessible to all of our communities. By doing this we can ensure that government affairs include the input of the people and that all San Franciscans are empowered to engage one another and those who are tasked with governing our city.”

Open government video

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  1. Bertrand Delanoe

    Wow!! Finally one video that is honest by pointing at the existing problems. This guy feels more real.


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