My Gov 2.0 Hero: Lucas Cioffi

Submitted by Megan Eskey (@meganesque), Information Technology Directorate, NASA Ames Research Center.

Lucas Cioffi

Lucas Cioffi is the CEO of Online Townhalls, Inc., and founder of the Open Government Directive Workshop Series. The OGD Workshop Series is an inter-agency collaborative event hosted by a different federal agency each month. These self-organizing workshops help the public sector’s OpenGov community coordinate from the bottom up and make the critical transition from good to great.

This series of monthly workshops is designed to steadily build momentum for successful implementation of the Open Government Directive.

The Open Gov Playbook wiki is self-managed: anyone can contribute. Notes from all of the OGD Workshops can be found at

Lucas is one of the few who has a deep understanding of the core messages of the OGI, and as such has designed these events to be as inclusive and effective as possible. His workshops bring the message of the OGI down into federal agencies to effect change in a way that no externally hosted event or workshop can ever hope to do. He is a visionary leader and a great facilitator to boot. The OGD workshops are addressing issues that are at the forefront of the OpenGov and Gov 2.0 communities, and are not to be missed.

Lucas Cioffi is a Gov 2.0 hero for braving the challenge of effecting cultural change from the inside-out of government, where resistance to change and antiquated process are still very much the norm.

Here’s Lucas doing his thing at the Feb 17, 2010 OGD Workshop.

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