My Gov 2.0 Hero: Carolyn Lawson

Submitted by Barbara Haven (@bhaven), Information Systems Analyst and Intranet Developer, California’s Office of Technology Services.

Carolyn Lawson

photo credit: Divergence

The enormousness of California’s government open data makes it an amazing resource as well as being difficult for citizens to find what they need. By opening up the state’s data with a custom search engine for the various data formats, the usefulness of our government open data increases tremendously.

Carolyn Lawson (@carolynlawson) serves as a driving and inspiring energy for Government 2.0 efforts in California State Government. In addition to finding the way to make data useful with contexts, she also brought together sponsors and resources to enable the current Applications for California for programmers to build mashups. She’s willing to take the challenge of doing impressive things with very limited resources, and heroically has succeeded.

Carolyn wrote about the recent redesign (, which she managed.

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  1. Yikes – Carolyn Lawson still affects CA IT? “driving and inspiring energy for Government 2.0” should read “windy and noninovative draw on TaxPayers 1.0”

    Be scared…


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