PageFreezer: Flash frozen government websites

PageFreezer is a new Web-based service that aims to better archive government Websites. PageFreezer officially launches at next week’s Gov 2.0 Expo, but CEO Michael Riedijk shares a preview of what’s to come.


What is PageFreezer?

Government websites are actually public records and need to be archived. PageFreezer is a Web service that archives websites, so they can comply to public records laws. However, in case of a legal claim, archiving is not enough. You need to provide proof of data integrity and authenticity. You need to prove that a page was archived on a specific date and that the archived page hasn’t been changed over time.

What problem does it solve?

Government websites, in accordance with the Public Records Law, are considered an official government publication. Information on these sites influences decisions of citizens and businesses. Governments can be held accountable for the information they publish on the Web. Tracking changes on Websites with PageFreezer offers governments trusted, non-refutable evidence in case of liability claims.

What’s the technology behind it?

It’s pretty complex and we’ve been working on it for more than 2 years. PageFreezer uses crawling technology, similar to that of Google, to take snapshots of your website. Archiving is an automated process. Only new pages and changes are archived, saving storage space.

Each page is time stamped with an ANSI X9.95-compliant Time Stamp Authority securely synchronized with the certified atomic clocks of a Stratum-1 Time Server. This trusted, non-refutable time that cannot be altered without detection provides legal proof when the page was actually archived.

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