Technology should be viewed as a vehicle rather than a destination

I was recently interviewed on Federal News Radio on their In-Depth with Francis Rose program, where I had the opportunity to discuss open government. We discussed the idea that technology should be viewed as a “vehicle” rather than a “destination” and that the real role of technology in open government is that of an enabler of mission success.

I’m finding more and more that these conversations are evolving beyond discussions about government data publication to a focus on how technology, information and behavior can open up government and make it more effective for people who are at risk or in need.




About Rob Pinkerton

Rob Pinkerton is the Director of Government Solutions for Adobe Systems where he has responsibility for Adobe’s enterprise go-to-market and solutions development strategies for global government. Rob has 18 years experience in government and technology. He has worked in County, City, State and Federal levels of government including as an emergency medical response technician in Virginia, a law clerk in the City of Baltimore, and as Legislative Council in the United States Senate during the 104th-106th Congress. Prior to joining Adobe, Rob was Vice President of Product Management for LexisNexis’s Enterprise Data Fusion Product which was developed for U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies to perform complex data analysis. For 5 years, Rob worked for Siebel Systems (now part of Oracle Corp) as Director of the Global Public Sector product business where he was responsible for Siebel’s second fastest growing product line and over 200 global public sector customers using enterprise case management and CRM. Rob has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, a law degree from the University of Baltimore, a BA in economics, political science and history from the University of Richmond and has a patent for co-inventing a system for processing intelligence information (held by Oracle). Rob lives in McLean, Virginia with his wife and 2 sons.


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