7 ideas to get more open government ideas

Someone secure the ideas.gov domain before a squatter does, because Uncle Sam is open for suggestions. While there are great ideas and engagement, there no doubt could be more activity. Whether it’s the White House or a major media firm wanting to do good, a solid PR effort would go a long way in getting more citizen interaction.

Here’s some ideas to get more open government ideas:

Create a campaign

Build a campaign around it. Make it a national effort. ‘America: Open for Ideas.’ Something. Bring it to the citizens.

Build a Web page

Create ideas.gov, make it a very simple page and link directly to all agency idea platforms. Not to the agency open pages. Not to the White House Open site. Just link directly to the online suggestion boxes.

Get a spokesman

It doesn’t need to be a celebrity or swimsuit model, but someone different than the U.S. CTO or CIO. Maybe it’s average citizens.

Make a video

Video is powerful. Produce a 1-minute video clip that promotes the Open Government Initiative and how citizens can share their ideas.

Put it on the home page

Home pages are the most visited page for any Web site. Every department or agency should link to their suggestion box directly from their home pages.

Reconsider the idea tool

I’m not convinced IdeaScale is the best tools for suggestions. I personally have user interface and design issues with it. It could be more intuitive and simpler to use.

Send the best ideas to White House

Championship sports teams get to meet the President, so should the All-Star Idea Team. Send citizens with the best idea for each agency to the White House with a Rose Garden photo shoot.

About Luke Fretwell

Luke Fretwell is the founder of GovFresh, co-founder/CEO of ProudCity and co-host of the podcast, The Government We Need. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn or email at luke@govfresh.com.

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  1. Some very good ideas here, Luke. I was just mulling over where would be an appropriate central point to gather info. You don’t think that White House should be the central website? How about better integration in agency sites?

    In the meantime, no fear about securing the ideas.gov. It’s not available on the open market! :)

  2. Look out February 17, 2010-for our streaming video live 2:00pm-4:30pm (est.) of the Open Government Directive Workshop. Open Government TV seeks to engage large businesses, educate small businesses, and empower public and private sector on how to be successful under an Open Government American Recovery Reinvestment Society.

    Please spread the word to your networks all over the globe to watch the OGD Workshop gather ideas and share relevant stakeholder information.

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  4. […] As government searches for ways to better engage citizens, it will be interesting to watch whether an incentive-based approach works. The genius and resourcefulness of this is that GSA can turn a $2500 investment into a powerful marketing tool and create awareness about the site during the process (see also 7 ideas to get more government ideas). […]

  5. Bruce Eggumb

    Our problem is even with a “good idea” we can not implement it unless “congress acts ????”
    We must have Initiative and Binding Referendum. Of course there must be principles and law to follow, need to develop that as we build.

  6. Hey Luke. As we approach the implementation of OGD Plans from the Agencies, I would like to engage in a discussion with you by phone around the PR Campaign. As one who has all the film on the development of this stakeholder input process there are some really resonating opportunities that needed to become a part of a Brand for government to make this successful in an unprecedented way. You can reach me at 202-449-7705. Look forward to the chat. http://www.govtv.com

    I also take to heart Bruce Eggumb’s comment on impacting law for OGD.

  7. Bernard Tunney

    A Federal Lottery? What if a FED-LOTTO were created with the purpose of paying down the national debt and supporting Social Security Entitlements. The Sates can run the infrastructure necessary for it and receive financial compensation for doing so.A formla of 11% operating cost,39% paydown (etc.)and 50% towards tax free winnings.The payouts at 3#’s=5K, 4#’s=10K, 5#’s=25K and the remainder to the holders of the 6#’s.


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