Update: Free Gov 2.0 WordPress Theme

We’ve updated the free Gov 2.0 WordPress Theme and a prototype is available for review at wp.govfresh.com.

About Luke Fretwell

Luke Fretwell is the founder of GovFresh and co-founder/CEO of ProudCity. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn or email at luke@govfresh.com.

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  1. Jacob Wagner

    I noticed a bug (or so I assume) in the style sheet.
    The css file contains this style:

    p, li {
    font-size: 1.3em;
    line-height: 1.5em;

    This has a side-effect when a user makes a nested list. The child-list has a font size 30% larger than the parent list.

    For the site I am developing I solved this by adding this additional style to offset this effect for nested lists:

    p ol, p ul, li ol, li ul {
    font-size: 0.769em;

    This decreases the font size for lists that are children of list items or paragraphs. The value 0.769 is approximately the reciprocal of 1.3.


  2. […] Free Gov, 2.0 Being a former intern for the feds, I’m a sucker for design in the name of accessibility and empowering local govs to get their crap together (Lord knows I’d like mine to).  Even better, GovFresh boasts implementing 508 compliance–which is flagrantly ignored by the masses–and social media integration.  The City of Manor, Texas has it implemented and reflects all that is good and necessary with a local government.  Shoot, match this with Localocracy and I’d be tempted to call your town modern. […]