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How Safe Is Your Suburb

How Safe Is Your Suburb?


Space-Time Research Pty Ltd.


How Safe Is Your Suburb is an easy-to-use interactive web application that allows the public to gain greater awareness and insight into crime statistics in Local Government Areas (suburbs) in New South Wales. The tool can be used by residents, local governments, state and federal government, researchers, non-government agencies and crime and policy makers to better understand the meaning of the statistics produced by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, and how the statistics can be applied to their lives.

Features include:

  • NSW crime map
  • Crime breakdown by year
  • Crime in my suburb
  • Most dangerous suburbs
  • Interactive thematic maps
  • Modify reports by type of offences, number of offences and year
  • Comment on visualizations
  • Uses RESTful and Web 2.0 technologies
  • Developed entirely using open source software
  • Utilizes Space-Time Research’s SuperVIEW product


About Jo Deeker

Jo Deeker is a passionate participant in the transformation of government to gov2.0. She cares about making useful data available to the public, and providing nifty analytical tools that can be used by everyone to make use and sense of the data. She works for Space-Time Research and is the business development manager for SuperVIEW.


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