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GovFreshTVAs the newest member of the GovFresh team, I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I’m going to be working on all things related to GovFreshTV including shooting, producing, hosting, and generally running around related conferences/workshops/barcamps/etc like a madwoman, with a Flip video camera dangling off my wrist (or in front of my face)!

I come from a background as a live TV news producer ~ but that seems like a lifetime ago. When I got burnt out on the restrictions, crazy hours and low pay of the network news industry, I went to work for then-startup Current TV … securing myself another bout with crazy hours and low pay! Currently, I work in the online marketing/social media space and for several years now have harbored a love for and engagement with political causes and issues.

Luke is a longtime friend of my husband’s and when I heard about GovFresh, I knew I had found another niche for myself. Having a camera in my hand again – whether I’m behind it or in front of it! – is a good feeling, and the work I’ll continue to do with GovFreshTV brings together some of the things I love most: social media, web 2.0, gov 2.0, politics and – to get back to my earlier roots – TV production.

As we move forward with GFTV you’ll be seeing a lot more one-on-one interviews with people in the gov 2.0 space, exploring various aspects of the movement and what the ideas of governmental transparency mean.

If you have any suggestions about people you want to see interviewed, questions you want answered, or anything else … feel free to email:

About Alexis James

Alexis James is the managing moderator/editor at an online marketing startup, while maintaining her own social media clients via When she's not submerged in the web up to her eyeballs, she creates, markets and sells her own line of eco-friendly pet clothing (, and postulates about life, politics and religion on her blog, You can track her down via her blog, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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