GovLoop grows to 20K, hires employee number 2

GovLoopGovLoop announced today it surpassed 20,000 members in October and added Andrew Krzmarzick as Director of Community Engagement. Krzmarzick will be responsible for “outreach, partnership, and engagement to help the community grow and bring even greater value to members.”

Krzmarzick has played a key role in building GovLoop and has worked closely with GovLoop founder Steve Ressler on other projects. Prior to joining GovLoop, Krzmarzick was Senior Project Coordinator at the Graduate School, (formerly the Graduate School, United States Department of Agriculture).

From GovLoop:

Krzmarzick will serve as the official GovLoop Community Manager. In this role, he will be responsible for engaging and growing the GovLoop community – reinforcing its core mission of connecting government to improve government.

“Andy is a true government 2.0 visionary and has been a long-time advocate of the GovLoop community,” said Ressler. “He brings an unmatched level of expertise and passion for growing the community and increasing its power for the government sector. Andy and I have worked together previously in launching, and there is no one better to champion GovLoop and continue its contributions to public sector problem solving.”

“I am excited to officially be on the GovLoop team,” Krzmarzick said. “I’ve watched with admiration over the past 15 months as the community has grown and the members have connected with one another to share information and ideas generously. I see its potential as a place where people in and around government can turn in real time to get linked with the people and information they need to perform their jobs more effectively. Our members are passionate and I am eager to serve them in a full-time capacity as we collectively develop innovative solutions and replicate best practices across all levels of government – both in the United States and beyond.”

Ressler’s asked Krzmarzick to focus on the following:

  • How can we further increase collaboration amongst the current members of GovLoop?
  • How can we do better outreach to potential members who would love GovLoop?
  • How can we better connect disparate conversations and turn them into knowledge solutions?
  • How do we move from solving 5-10 government problems daily to 50-100 government problems?


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