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Growing GovLoop: It was a big week for Gov 2.0 Radio co-host Steve Ressler, as his social network, GovLoop, joined G2C communications provider GovDelivery and Steve left the feds to manage the community full time. As GovLoop nears 20,000 members, we discuss how real collaboration between local, state and federal govies is catalyzing reform. Hear about new developments and initiatives on the network that’s helping make Gov 2.0 a reality. Joining the discussion will be Scott Burns of GovDelivery; Meghan Harvey, co-producer of Gov 2.0 Radio and new media producer for; and Gov 2.0 Radio co-host and GovTwit founder Steve Lunceford. More Gov 2.0 Radio »

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  1. Thanks again for quoting my blog, glad my perspective was helpful.  Just an fyi – I updated my post ( ) to emphasize the importance of open data access for the media.  In my view, Foursquare checkins, Tumblr posts, and NYC hackathons are just distractions compared with what unprecedented access for the media (bloggers, etc included) to the city’s data can do for improving government accountability, services, and quality of life.


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