Contest: Best Gov 2.0 Video

If H1N1 can have a rap video then so can Gov 2.0. Recently, Dr. John Clarke’s H1N1 Rap won the flu prevention video contest sponsored by the Department of Health & Human Services. Dr. Clarke’s innovative approach using social media to spread an important message got me thinking:

“Gov 2.0 needs a video.”

In an effort to inspire creative govies, Gov 2.0 enthusiasts, civic songwriters, comedians, poets and musicians, GovFresh is sponsoring a ‘Best Gov 2.0 Video’ contest.

FedScoop founder Goldy Kamali discusses ‘Developing Communities of Practice in the Government’

FedScoop founder Goldy Kamali discusses ‘Developing Communities of Practice in the Government.’


“I think that’s it’s really important to keep in mind that social media can have an incredible impact on getting the word out and getting people really motivated and excited in a unique way, but unless you have an infrastructure in place, and relationships in place, and a network in place, social media alone actually has limited impact. It’s important to combine the old way of doing things with all of these new resources to get the maximum results.”

MyGovApp: Time Machine

Dynamic government data visualization on a state level. See how figures (unemployment rates for example) change over time and compare state to US total. Includes scroll time slider yourself or press the “play” button, BLS, Census & IRS data and various mashups, automatic data updates and extensibility.

MyGovApp: Socrata Social Data Platform

The Socrata Social Data Platform allows organizations to make data available to citizens by transforming the way audiences consume and share public datasets, enabling government agencies to boost participation and fulfill transparency mandates.

With the Social Data Platform technical and non-technical audiences can interact with data online. Scientists and analysts can download data while everyday citizens can access data through an easy to use interface, much like media players are used for audio and video content.

Gov 2.0 Radio: Discussing Congress Camp

Alan Silberberg, Nisha Chittal and Jim Gilliam on Congress Camp and the future of Gov 2.0 and the federal legislature. Find out more at Hosted by Steve Lunceford, Steve Ressler and Adriel Hampton.