‘Making Government Transparent’

Sunlight Foundation’s new video ‘Making Government Transparent:’


“Government transparency means the people who work for you tell you what they’re doing.” – David Corn, Journalist, Mother Jones

GovFresh Triva: Dr. Alan Rosenblatt (@drdigipol), featured in the video, was my professor at George Mason. Go Neil Postman!

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  1. Luke,

    I clicked on your link “Go Neil Postman” (above), and found this text on his wikipedia entry

    “[Postman] claims that the U.S has been inundated with technophiles who do not see the downside of technology. This is dangerous because technophiles want more technology and thus more information.”

    IMHO, the technophiles within the the “open-govt.” community are so focused on “more technology” to get “more information” (actually it’s Data that they want) that they are, for the most part, ignoring the work of the “non-tech” peers in this area.

    It would nice if there was more collaborative overlap between the “techs” and their open-govt. peers, but it is hard when, for example, the biggest word in the word-cloud at the TransparencyCamp West was “Data”.

    For info about people in the Pre-Existing “non-tech” community, see http://www.OpentheGovernment.org and http://www.NCDD.org


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