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  1. Hi Kristy. You probably saw my tweet, but the Javascript issue was due to a file not getting loaded. I’d encourage you to try it again, and please continue to send feedback. We love having a talented webmaster combing through the site!

    And Alex – thanks for the kind words. Your summation is exactly correct. This site is the product of  listening to our users, analyzing metrics, and thinking outside the box.

  2. Right on, we’re heading in the right direction! Now with javascript off, menus on homepage load, and search bar works. Looks like interior page stylesheets could use a little positioning tweaking (ex. http://www.utah.gov/blogs/) so main menu still clickable with js off. Thanks for looking into it – I’m sure people across the country will continue to explore the site and offer feedback and ideas in the coming days. One of the things I love about the nature of govies!

  3. This site is very inaccessible and provides a questionable design.  I use IE 7 at work and I cannot access all the menu items.  Did they do browser testing before launch?  The large graphic on slower connections is a total waste of bandwidth and does not convey any meaningful information to the user.  Oh yes, the graphic is very pretty – but slows down the download time immensely.

    The site is VERY clunky and it is not intuitive at all – unless you want to search.

    I also do not understand the design concept logic.  So if I discover that most people click on page X, would I then put the largest link taking up most of my homepage – page X?  No, in fact it says the opposite.  It says that everyone can easily find page X if that’s what they wanted.


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