50 must-follow #Health20 heroes on Twitter

Healthcare workers and advocates are bridging social media, technology tools and healthcare to work towards meaningful healthcare reform and the development of an Electronic Health Record and National Health Information Exchange. This list is by no means comprehensive so please add more. I would like to eventually categorize into groups, but you can get an idea by search under hashtags #healthcare, #hcsm, #hcmktg and #hcreform (please share other hashtags being used).

Here are 50 #Health20 heroes to follow on Twitter (alpha by Twittername:

1samadams@1samadams: Cat Herder Extraordinairre

2healthguru@2healthguru: recovering X-managed care executive, converted health system reformer, student of SM apps

AbbieCitron@AbbieCitron: Legal nurse consultant working with attorneys on medically related cases. Delicious food and wine, family, friends, and my dogs

Anthony_Guerra@Anthony_Guerra: Professionally trained journalist who loves C-suite level healthcare IT issues.

brown2020@brown2020: Co-founder & CEO of 3banana, mobile semantic data capture startup. Former founder and CEO of Health Hero Network (now Robert Bosch Healthcare).

Carrie_Vaughan@Carrie_Vaughan: Technology editor with HealthLeaders Media print and online. Interests: technology, leadership, strategy

Cascadia@Cascadia: Community eHealth Advocate creating the space where participatory health care, collective intelligence, and community converge.

ChristineKraft@ChristineKraft: People, not patients. Fresh air, clean water; Health 2.0 and beyond…

cindythroop@cindythroop: Social science researcher, data nerd, and policy wonk.

crgonzalez@crgonzalez: Activist, Citizen At Large, Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Strategist, Proposal Writer, Social Media Maven, proud INTJ, and occasional scamp

danamlewis@danamlewis: Creator and moderator of #hcsm | health communications | May 2010 @ UofAlabama | lover of life, social media, diet soda, travel, and staying busy!

DaphneLeigh@DaphneLeigh: Healthcare marketing and communications

DirkStanley@DirkStanley: CMIO and Hospitalist and Father, into Healthcare IT

donshep@donshep: Technology Executive and follower of all things geek! Tweeting about #HIT, Sci-Fi, TV, you name it.

DrJosephKim@DrJosephKim, MD, MPH: Physician, MIT engineer, technology advocate, blogger

Doctor_V@Doctor_V: Kids tummy doctor, father, writer and overall good guy

drval@drval: Physician, blogger, cartoonist, CEO – using both halves of my brain.

DrVes@DrVes: Board-certified Internist, Allergy/Immunology Fellow, Former Cleveland Clinic Assistant Professor of Medicine, NEJM Advisory Panel Member.

drwalker_rph@drwalker_rph: Pharmacist/consultant, PHR advocate, educator, cochlear implant recipient, volunteer, cyclist, geek learning to twitter

EdBennett@EdBennett: Manages Web sites for the Univ. of MD Medical System

ePatientDave@ePatientDave: Patient empowerment advocate, blogger

GraftFinder@GraftFinder: Simplifying the process of acquiring tissue grafts and biologics

healthblawg@healthblawg: Health Care Lawyer, Consultant, Blogger

irb123@irb123: ER doc, Writer, book How To Survive a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit by Wiley-Blackwell to come out late fall.

lsaldanamd@lsaldanamd: Emergency Physician in N. TX; Medical Director IT/EHR-Clinical Decision Support– “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Einstein

JOSullivan@JOSullivan: Health Care Reform Advocate. Tweeting about HC reform, biobanking & software dev

janicemccallum@janicemccallum: Digital publishing veteran and product strategist; current focus on healthcare info. Tennis player.

jayparkinson@jayparkinson: Co-founder of Hello Health

 jbselz@jbselz: Entrepreneur and Innovator in Health Care and Social Media. Co-Founder & CEO of Ozmosis, Inc., The Trusted Physician’s Network.

jensmccabe@jensmccabe: CEO, Contagion Health. Consulting gig(s): Chief Patient Advocate @organizedwisdom. NextHealth cofounder (NL). Science/genetics geek. Stochastic.

jimmyweeks@jimmyweeks: CIO @ one of the 100 Most Wired hospitals in the U.S. & the 36th of 5k to be at Stage 6

john_chilmark@john_chilmark: IT analyst focusing on consumer-facing HIT. Fanatic cyclist, skier, happiest outdoors

_KathleenLeary@_KathleenLeary: Activist, Advocate, League of Women Voters, I may not be the voice, but I will be your megaphone

KentBottles@KentBottles: Physician at ICSI, reader of books, airplane traveler, speaker/writer/learner

kevinmd@kevinmd: Primary care doctor Kevin Pho, M.D. provides physician commentary on medicine, health, drugs, Medicare, healthcare reform and patient and hospital issues.

KristieTweets@KristieTweets: Social media mama, healthcare content analyst, Sharepoint designer/trainer, EMR trainer, writer, geek, marathoner, blogger

lizasisler@lizasisler: Wife, Mother, IT Consulting. Looking for a connected world with collaboration on diagnosis & prescribing where medical records are globally portable. Dreamer?

LeeAase@LeeAase: Chancellor, SMUG. Day job: Mayo Clinic social media manager. Opinions tweeted are solely my own, not my employer’s.

lostonroute66@lostonroute66: Biomedical informatics, patient safety, social media, user experience/interface design, Flex, Red Sox, music, and food

MedC2@MedC2: Looking for answers to questions I don’t know. Tech + People + Med = Hope EHR EMR OSS DoD Mil Learning-I follow back, PMP, CPHIMS, DHIMS

MeredithGould@MeredithGould: Create communication strategies & services to enhance healthcare. Write about faith, Jewish roots of Christian worship. Proud to practice applied Sociology!

mkmackey@mkmackey: Watching trends in Medical, Healthcare, and technology, niche marketer

nancyshute@nancyshute: Science and medical writer, blogger for US News & World Report, sometimes gardener.

nickdawson@nickdawson: From VA and many fine airports. Healthcare administration, foodie, music buff and fan of all things porcine

norskedoc@norskedoc: Chief Knowledge Officer at ICSI, Interested in almost everything, working on transforming health care.

PhilBaumann@PhilBaumann: RN | Pharma | Health Care

rilescat@rilescat: Director of Information Technology, hospital and many clinics. Blogger. Dedicated to Health Technologies advancements

SusannahFox@SusannahFox: Pew Internet Project researcher, e-patients.net contributor

theEHRGuy@theEHRGuy Healthcare Interoperability Consultant, Enterprise Architect for Healthcare IT, Standards Expert: HL7 DICOM, IHE, HITSP, CCHIT.

tstitt@tstitt: Writer | Strategist | Drupal Fan

About Brian Ahier

Brian Ahier is Health IT Evangelist at Mid-Columbia Medical Center in The Dalles, Oregon Serves as City Councilor, Board of Mid-Columbia Council of Governments Passionate about Health IT, Healthcare Reform and Gov2.0. Connect: Twitter · LinkedIn · Plaxo

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  1. There are so many great healthcare folks on Twitter it is impossible to fit them all on this limited list. Please add comments to include the ones I missed and my apologies to those who I left off.

  2. Sweet Brian! Thanks for twit-initiative and of course inclusion in this nascent community! Kudos to you!

    BTW, did I say: ‘it takes a village’ to reform (actually) redesign healthcare? Health reform is way too political; and certainly in suspect hands and under ‘bad management’ at the moment.

    EHRs, EMRs, PHRs, HIBs, etc., are all niche plays in broader redesign imperative.

    First and foremost is culture, then integration both economic and clinical. The condition precedent is however, culture; and physician culture to be specific. Without it, nothing changes, imj.

    So let it begin with me (generically speaking)! Lets recapture the shaman energy in the health enterprise.

  3. Great list, Brian. I would add http://twitter.com/danielg280

    In-house lawyer for an academic medical center. Love to travel (25 countries and counting) and love my Bruins (UCLA) and Bears (Chicago) Father of 2 teens

    Great resource for legal issues in social media and health care.

  4. Great list – you’ve rounded up the usual #hcsm suspects in a easy to scan page. Thanks for including me, but I’ll need to step up my game to keep up with some of these folks.

  5. Great list… I would also include:


  6. Thanks for the super follow Wednesday. I am honored to be on the list.

    3 names I would add are:

    @consultdoc – Dr. Mark Browne – Experienced physician executive,consultant, bridging healthcare quality and finance
    @ctsinclair – Dr. Christian Sinclair – Blogger and practicing physician
    @PaulineChen – Dr. Pauline Chen – NYT columnist & practicing physician

  7. Shameless Plug

    Ahemmm, GREAT LIST by the way… (said 1 of the persons who should definitely be included in this list)
    http://www.twitter.com/CambridgeCEOCOO 13 yr HIT veteran who is extremely passionate about connecting clinics, hospitals, payors, & patients to improve the quality of care & therefore our quality of living!

  8. Hey – where are the nurses? The backbone of healthcare…. I would add @AmJNurs, @nerdnurse, @SavetyNurse, @INQRIProgram, @joniwatson,@RNPathways and @trempy…. just to name a few…
    Otherwise, not a bad list. I love many of them. Thanks for the blog post!

  9. Thanks for compiling this great list!

    Health care enthusiasts may also want to follow:

    @DossiaPCHR for #HIT
    and @PBnews and yours truly @ColetteCote for insights and updates from Pitney Bowes – a nationally recognized innovator when it comes to health and wellness for employees.

  10. Wow, am I the last person in the HC Twitterverse to find this list?!? Honored to be on it with so many great colleagues. This list, of course, grows longer by the day as more people realize the value of building virtual communities committed to transforming healthcare — maybe even in our lifetime!

  11. Thank you Brian,
    I enjoy your informative and insightful tweets everyday.
    This is an awesome list and I appreciate you putting it together. What an honor to be in the company of this Health Care Flock!

    I would like to add @consultdoc – Dr. Mark Browne

  12. Brian, some fantastic Health 2.0 folks on this list, including many friends. @MindofAndre has named some other shining stars who deserve inclusion, too.

    Strongly encourage you to add Nick Jacobs, former CEO of Windber Medical Center. (http://NickJacobs.org) He’s been a leading Patient-centered care advocate and innovator for many years.

    I had the privilege of working with @NickJacobs to develp his original blog, generally acknowledged as the first of its kind by a healthcare CEO. He’s one of a kind.

  13. I might sue, or I might just compliment @cindythroop for the add

    The Health 2.0 crowd includes not only @boltyboy (Matthew Holt) and @bluetopaz (Indu Subaiya), but also @hmccowen (Hillary McCowen) @drytownlizzie (lizzie Dunklee) and in our Paris office @health20paris (Denise Silber)

    Not forgetting @health2con :)

  14. No Meredith Gould – I am the last in the Twitterverse to get here! I wondered why I picked up so many relevant followers today… now I know. Thanks so much for including me :-) honored & humbled. Love reading your stuff too!

  15. Brian — well done on the list. We’ll start following those that we weren’t already following.

    Two great ones to add:
    Medical billing software provider; mostly tweets about industry changes, physician and biller resources, product updates, and retweets top healthcare issues
    Top notch software engineer; up-to-date on all things HIT (great tweets about red flags rule, EHR adoption, industry shifts, etc).


  16. Danielle Byron

    Great Idea! I found a number of additional voices to follow. Keep up the great work Brian and everyone else! @daniellebyron

  17. Hi Brian,

    Thanks so much for this list, I found many great new folks t follow.

    One day soon I hope to be added to this list, I tweet specific examples of successful EMR implementations,practices and guidelines, mostly hospital based but all great HIT successes are included


  18. Great list, but you have to add @berci to be complete i think.
    Also please follow @reshape for second Euregional Dutch Health 2.0 conference october 12-13, 2009 in THE Netherlands. With keynotes of @leeaase, @johnsharp, @berci and many others to announce. (International site will be up soon).

    Keep up the good work

  19. please could you modify my last post so @reshape will be @reshape09
    It’s organised by the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, the Netherlands

    thanks in advance

  20. Wow! Treasure trove! I would add:
    @caparks from change:healthcare
    @htpotter from Kaiser
    @bobcoffield at the intersection of health, social media and the law
    And echo the recommendation for @shwen … super-sharp guy

  21. valeriehoven

    if it’s health20 heros, then #hit and #hchit hashtags can be added. or even #emr #ehr #cpoe perhaps.

    great list! looks like the usual #hcsm and #hchit tweeps :)


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