Top 25 Most Fascinating Communicators in Government IT

Over the past several years, I’ve spent much of my time bringing leaders from government and the IT industry together to exchange best practices and collaborate with each other.

Being involved in these sessions gave me a unique opportunity to hear from many of the most interesting executives in DC. Some of the conversations surprised me, others intrigued me, but all of them taught me something.

Though the list of interesting speakers that I have had the pleasure to learn from could go on for days, here is my list of the Top 25 Most Fascinating Communicators in Government IT.


The following was sent to @govfresh via multiple DMs under the pseudonym “@realtweetthroat” with the request his identify be withheld to protect him, his family and his real high-ranking position at the real White House.

Gov 2.0 Radio: Acquisition 2.0

Join us for a conversation with Mary Davie, Assistant Commissioner of GSA’s Office of Assisted Acquisition Services, and Noel Dickover of DoDTechipedia, about bringing government acquisition services into the digital age.

#ogi and the Live Tweet Showcase

By now, it’s a cliché that Twitter has real-world value. Yet if you really want to appreciate both the usefulness and hipness of microblogging, try participating in a social media conference where live Tweeting is not only encouraged, the Tweets also are displayed on JumboTrons flanking the on-stage speaker.

Such was the case earlier this week at the Open Government and Innovations Conference. Held at the Convention Center in Washington, DC, the two-day conference brought together 700 “gov 2.0” types from the federal government and the consulting community that supports it. As such, not only did most attendees pack a Twitter-appified PDA; many also toted laptops or netbooks.

50 must-follow #Health20 heroes on Twitter

Healthcare workers and advocates are bridging social media, technology tools and healthcare to work towards meaningful healthcare reform and the development of an Electronic Health Record and National Health Information Exchange. This list is by no means comprehensive so please add more. I would like to eventually categorize into groups, but you can get an idea by search under hashtags #healthcare, #hcsm, #hcmktg and #hcreform (please share other hashtags being used).

40 #Health20 heroes to follow on Twitter.

Gov 2.0 Hero: Beth Beck

As Space Operations Outreach Program Manager for NASA Headquarters, Beth Beck has one of the best jobs in the universe. Beth shares her affinity for iPhones and chaos via social media.

What was your path to Gov 2.0?

WIRED Magazine is my bell-weather for all things new. How does that apply to Gov 2.0? I find that we, the generic government, usually lag two years behind industry in our application of new products or processes. WIRED showcases all things trendy, giving me a jumpstart on ideas for cool new applications and products. I can try out new technology and software in prototype projects and once we’ve worked out the kinks in the system, others can follow.

Gov 2.0 Hero: Nick Charney

Gov 2.0 Hero Nick Chaney, Renewal Wonk, aka “Mr. Engagement” of the Rat Pack of Canadian Public Service Renewal, shares his thoughts on Gov 2.0.

What was your path to Gov 2.0?

Nick Charney: Let’s just say it’s been long, dual-tracked road. Officially, I’ve been a federal public servant (in Canada) now for just over three years, during which time I’ve held 5 different positions, each of which has taken me a bit closer to Gov 2.0.