Introducing GovPress

After several years of talking about and conceptualizing, and months of development, I’m proud to formally (and finally) release GovPress, a simple, elegant WordPress theme for government.

GovFresh WP

GovFresh WP: building a government WordPress theme

Despite the fact that millions of websites around the world today are powered by low- and no-cost open source content management systems, nearly all small city governments remain trapped in the 90s. To date, however, this need hasn’t adequately been served, and we need to change this. We can change this.

You go gURL: GSA turns on URL shortener

GSA announced it has officially opened up its URL shortener to anyone with a .mil, .gov, or email address. The site lets users create trustworthy short .gov URLs on Twitter and other online services with character restrictions and was developed by the team behind along with members of the Drupal community.

The Elements of (Gov 2.0) Style

I’m all for the “clarity in government” objective of PLAIN (Plain Language Action and Information Network), the folks who maintain

I fully understand and support the need for PLAIN’s lofty goal of “Improving Communication from the Federal Government to the Public,” but don’t quite understand the need to create an entire Website to achieve this.