U.S government publishes human-centered design evaluation and buying guide

The U.S. General Services Administration published an Evaluation and Buying Guide to “help federal agencies seeking Human-Centered Design (HCD) services to improve Customer Experience (CX).”

From the guide:

The Federal Government is transforming how agencies improve service delivery by putting people at the center of those efforts. A new paradigm for this movement is considering the public as customers. Some agencies are developing how they do business to intentionally take on a customer-first mindset. In addition, new agendas and policies require agencies to measure and improve customer experience (CX). You may represent an agency that is already meeting those requirements and have a thorough understanding of your customers’ journeys and needs. Alternatively, your agency may be just getting started, or you may simply be curious about the topic. This guide should be informative for all of these entry points.

Many businesses provide services that they claim are used to understand customer experiences and improve them. Some of these claims are reliable and some may not be. The purpose of this guide is to give evaluation recommendations to repre- sentatives of federal agencies as they shop amongst those providers. We provide a dual lens of what to seek and what to be cautious of. The guide orients to leading practices in industry and government, and the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) annual budget guidance as context for seeking Human-centered Design (HCD) services to understand and improve customer experience.

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