A playbook for government as a platform

Government as a Platform
Photo: UK Government Digital Service

To paraphrase Portlandia, “put a playbook on it.”

There seems to be a playbook for all things digital government, and now there’s the “Government as a Platform Playbook” that provides deeper insight into the wonky word technologists often use to describe a more exponential approach to government service delivery.

The playbook is helpful for anyone — particularly government leaders who need a primer on the platform analogy — interested in building scalable, sustainable government.

As the authors of Government as a Platform Playbook define it:

Government as a Platform holds out the promise of radically better services for the public. And to do so in a way that makes it simpler and faster for both civil servants and politicians, the private sector and non-profits, to meet people’s needs. A world of government reorganized around shared components, APIs, standards and canonical datasets.

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