Benchmarking U.S. government websites


Earlier this year, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation published an assessment of federal government websites that includes rankings around page load speeds, mobile friendliness, Domain Name System Security Extensions, Secure Sockets Layer and accessibility.

The report, “Benchmarking U.S. Government Websites,” was published in March 2017.

With the exception of the last, which I can’t speak to its potential effectiveness, the ITIF report recommendations are sensible and hopefully under consideration by The White House:

  • The White House should launch a series of website modernization “sprints” to fix known problems with the most popular government websites.
  • The White House should mandate federal websites meet page load speed requirements.
  • The White House should require all agencies to monitor and share detailed website analytics.
  • The Office of Management and Budget should launch a website consolidation initiative.
  • Congress should encourage nonexecutive agencies and other branches of government to adopt federal government website standards and best practices.
  • The White House and Congress should establish a capital fund for federal agencies to upgrade their IT.

Full report: “Benchmarking U.S. Government Websites

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