Now reading: ‘Delivering on Digital’

Delivering on DigitalI’m reading Bill Eggers’ new book, “Delivering on Digital: The Innovators and Technologies That Are Transforming Government,” and wanted to share that it’s now available for purchase.

Accompanying the release is a great compilation of digital government “playbooks” on the book’s website.

FCW has an early review and better synopsis than I can give at the moment.

Eggers, executive director of Deloitte’s Center for Government Innovation, is also the author of “The Solution Revolution: How Government, Business, and Social Enterprises are Teaming up to Solve Society’s Biggest Problems,” “If We Can Put a Man on the Moon: Getting Big Things Done in Government,” “Governing by Network: The New Shape of the Public Sector ,” “The Public Innovator’s Playbook” and “Government 2.0: Using Technology to Improve Education, Cut Red Tape, Reduce Gridlock, and Enhance Democracy.”

Buy “Delivering on Digital” on Amazon.

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