Feds want to build better digital ‘front doors’ to government

Federal Front Door
Source: labs.usa.gov

Borrowing from Code for America’s Digital Front Door project, the federal government is riffing on the concept so that it can better assist those seeking government services.

The Federal Front Door, “an initiative to improve public-government interactions across the board,” is led by USAGov and 18F, who have been interviewing Americans “about the good, the bad, and the ugly of interacting with their federal government.”

From GSA:

“This project won’t necessarily build new front doors; it’s about learning ways to improve our existing ones. We won’t be rolling out lots of new websites for interacting with the government, but instead we’ll be figuring out ways we can simplify, streamline, and improve people’s interactions with the current ones (especially ones that interact with multiple agencies).”

USAgov and 18F released a report (and methodology background) of its findings.

The gist of the findings:

“People want the government to treat them with respect. As they interact with various agencies, they want clear communication, insight into the processes they’re entering into, and the ability to quickly and easily access the information they need.”

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