Government technology market snapshot

Dustin Haisler, eRepublic chief innovation officer, has published a “GovTech Market Snapshot” highlighting the government technology market, including key companies (startups and established vendors), venture capital firms and analytical data on market size.

There are helpful numbers for entrepreneurs looking to understand the sector and business opportunity. While this is a high-level overview of the market, and there are a number of newer companies working to fundamentally change how government services are delivered, seeing Dustin’s deck is a reminder that the pace of disruption is slower than we’d like to imagine.

Key numbers:

  • Government technology market: $175 billion
  • Number of U.S. cities: 19,422
  • Number of U.S. counties: 3,031
  • Number of U.S. townships: 16,364
  • State and local IT spending: $96 billion
  • Federal IT spending: $79 billion


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